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Shielders is an independent actuarial and consulting firm offering a wide range of actuarial advisory and Insurance Reinsurance consulting services.

Shielders has 30 years of industry experience, extensive Insurance / reinsurance technical expertise and a proven track record in delivering actuarial solutions.


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Our philosophy is that we only operate within business sectors where we are able to demonstrate leadership through our market experience and know-how. We are endlessly focused on results that create value for our clients.

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Since our foundation, our mission is to deliver actuarial services and insurance solutions that support our clients’ growth and success.

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Insurance Actuarial Services +

Our Insurance actuarial solutions offer an integrated approach to product management which helps insurers more effectively design, price and market insurance products to enhance competitive position and bottom-line performance.

We evaluate our client's portfolio to identify key risks, provide independent actuarial service assessment, design optimal risk mitigation strategies and actuarial recommendations best tailored to address the specific needs of our client.

Reinsurance Actuarial Services +

Shielders offers analytical modeling services to review current reinsurance portfolios and provide objective reinsurance structure tailored to the insurance company’s needs and evolving market environment. Our actuaries assist insurers in developing the optimum structures for their reinsurance programmes.

Reserving & Reporting +

Our services comprises an overall actuarial evaluation of the adequate level of reserves in conformity with the methods and requirements set out by the Insurance Regulatory Authority.

Liability Adequacy Test _

Experience Rating +

Our technical pricing model based on actuarial principles will enable the insurance company to ensure premium consistency and an accurate assessment of the business expected profitability.

Performance Analysis +

The Production analysis looks essentially at business and portfolio trends across the retail and corporate lines. Persistency and business growth in respect of private and commercial business. Insurance contracts and renewal rates will be both analyzed.

Product Development & Pricing +

Our Product Specs is a document providing extensive description of the architecture of the product, and its technical articulation. It contains namely the formulas and methodologies required to compute the product reserves, the account value, the various expense charges and the cost of insurance. This document is intended to be the starting point for the IT specs to be prepared by the Administration System specialists.

Review of Existing Product _

Portfolio Monitoring _

Business Plan _

IT Implementation Assistance +

Our IT specialists assist in determining the features that the Insurance company needs in an IT management system. This can include evaluation of the current system, review of electronic implementation of workflows and interviews with head of departments and employees.

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For further information please contact us on:

E. info@shieldersme.com
T. + 961 (04) 712128
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