Shielders is an independent consulting firm offering a wide range of actuarial advisory, insurance and reinsurance consulting services.

Shielders enjoys 30 years of industry experience, extensive insurance, reinsurance, technical expertise and a proven track record in delivering actuarial solutions.

Our teams cover a range of disciplines, offering first-hand experience and practical insurance industry knowledge across actuarial, technical, financial, operational and IT functions.


We see things differently we innovate, create and deliver better solutions for our clients. We continuously concentrate on solution and results that create value for our clients.


Since our foundation, our mission is to deliver actuarial services, insurance and reinsurance solutions that support our clients’ growth and success.

Our Ethos


Transparency is fundamental to our culture, identity and business success. Procedures and systems are in place to provide assurance that client transactions are transparently executed and appropriately shared and recorded.

Best Practice

We actively leverage our shared insights, knowledge and creativity to deliver services and products that address clients’ individual needs. We devote time and resources by investing in talented people, industry knowledge and advanced technology.


We are committed to fostering a strong sense of community within our workplace and with our clients by promoting the principles of collaboration, development and respect.